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Ahoy! 2018 Season is upon us 5/25/2018

Ahoy!  The 2018 Season has begun.  We have been running for a few weeks now.  The 5 week delay was very hard to accept, but I love the way the new engines and generators are performing.  More power, and much quieter.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and of course the BNSF Railroad decided to tear out the Center Street crossing (a week ago) and promised to have it back in this past Tuesday.  It’s still tore out, but we’re coping as best as we can.  You can still drive down to the riverfront on Broadway and cross the cobblestones to get to our landing.

The “Twain On Main” festival is tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday.  Come enjoy, and take in a cruise on the Riverboat.

Be Safe this weekend!

Capt Steve

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