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Spring Is Here – Take 2

Hannibal River Stage  19.46 Ft


It’s 72 degrees today, southeasterly wind, and a beautiful day for a boat ride, I Wish!

As the world deals with the COVID-19 Virus, we are all “staying safe” as ordered by the government.  This Virus is real!!  Sandy and I pray that all folks practice Social Distancing, Proper Hygiene, and the multitude of other recommendations issued by the Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, Health Professionals, and others.  It’s definitely new territory for us.  Last year was a crazy year due to excessive flooding.  This year, the Virus.

We look forward to cruising as soon as it’s safe.  We cannot put a timeline on when that will happen.  We ask that all future passengers please hang in there, and we’ll get to enjoy Mark Twain’s Mighty Mississippi once again.

As for the Hannibal Riverfront, Mother Nature has slowed things once again.  The river rose to the flood activation level, so we have two of our five floodgates in place at this time.  This Mississippi is holding steady for now at around 19.4 ft on the Hannibal Gage.  It is predicted to make a significant fall in about 7 days from today.  Once the gates are removed at Center Street, the construction should ramp back up.

Sandy and I ask that everyone Stay Safe, Maintain Social Distancing, Practice Good Hygiene, Don’t Panic, and PRAY!!  We’ll get through this together.  And as it passes, we’ll soon hear, “Riverboat’s A Comin’.


Capt Steve and Sandy Terry

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